Hatch is a peer to peer skill sharing app that improves students’ learning journey

Project Details

  • Project Time: Oct - Dec 2018

  • Team: Nathalia Kasman - CEO ; Leo Zhang - CFO; Anchi Hsin - CTO; Claire Zhou - CMO, co-founder;

  • Instructor: Kate Rutter

  • Project brief: Experience how startups really get built, and through that, understand how business functions in order to be a more effective designer.

  • Approach & Responsibilities: Steve Blank’s Customer Development process, Lean Start-up, market research, branding, recruiting, interviewing and synthesis, final pitch.

Project Objective:

For students, it’s really hard for them to ask for help when they have limited connections, also one-sided help always leads hesitation to ask for help.

Hatch is a peer to peer skill sharing app or site that encourages students to expand their connections and create learning experiences so peers can help one another.


Our mission is to cultivate an open, collaborative community where everyone can learn, share and grow with one another.

Total investment: $1,681,500.

Group 10.png

We spent almost 2 months to iterate and define our molecule which divided into 3 parts: people, opportunities and solution.


College students who are seeking for academic help

Why them?

1.Population and strong needs

According to the data from Statista and MOOCREPORT, there are about 81 million people currently using educational platforms.

2.Business opportunities


Current market analysis


Secondary research

Learning and sharing is an existing behavior, and we saw the opportunities.

Tandem( a language exchanging app ) is developing pretty well, which shows that mutual learning might be a direction worth to try.

Primary research

At the same time, we also learned students are facing some problems:

It’s really hard for students to ask help when:

  • They have limited connections: it’s out side the their circle of friends

  • One-sided; resulting in hesitation to ask for help


Because It’s really hard for students to ask help when:

  • They have limited connections: it’s out side the their circle of friends

  • One-sided; resulting in hesitation to ask for help

We came up with a potential solution — A peer-to-peer skills sharing app that encourages a learning journey through:

  • Expanding connections

  • Mutually help one another



Recruiting people was really crucial for our concept validation. We tried 2 different ways to attract people ( off-line and online marketing ) to see whether students are interested in this idea. Started from Nov. 5th to Dec. 14th , we got 117 scans and 88 sign-ups.

Offline marketing: Table recruitment + box sign-up

Online marketing: Social media such as Instagram, Facebook…

Design: Posters + branding( T-shirt, business card, stickers )



After 88 sign-up, we chose 12 pairs as participants to experiences.

And we found that:

  • Specific information is needed for learning exchange to be efficient ; Matches might have different expectations—learning, sharing & goal.

  • Initial interactions can be awkward; Comfort level is important.

  • Learning about other people’s way of working is inspiring.

How might we?

  • Help prepare both parties prior to the exchange so their expectations are met?

  • Facilitate the interactions so both parties can be comfortable with one another?

  • Match people of diverse backgrounds so they can inspire one another?

Concept Development


So we created an app Hatch based on the feedback we got and insights we found out. Here are the 3 main features:


1. Create profile


3. Hatch your learning journey


2. Connect


4. Collect feedback


So, how are we different?

We compared Hatch with our competitors, what set us apart from them are:

  • School-based: It's convenient for students to meet up and it's also a safer experience for them

  • Mutual learning & sharing: We hope that we can cultivate a strong sense of community in school by creating bonds between students

  • Personalized learning experiences: We provide more flexible learning experiences as they learn from pairs.

how are we different.png

Also compared with tutoring services, what set us apart from them are:

  • Lower costs

  • Mutual learning

  • Common experiences

  • Flexible


Concept validation

From students:

During the recruitment, we got 117 scans and 88 sign-ups in 3 weeks. After we run 6 times experiences, half of the pairs were still willing to keep in touch with each other.

We also found an anonymous Comment on our poster — “Love this project, everyone share their knowledge with each other and we will live in a better world.”

From the expert:

We interviewed Brooke who is the director of learning resources in CCA. She mentioned that Hatch gives benefits to any school — it benefit both students and school. And she was really interested in what we were doing.

Besides, Hatch is not a replacement, it supplements tutoring services.

From investors:

We pitched Hatch to a group of 11 investors and asked $520,000 to kickstart our product and achieve our next milestones. 9/11 of them invested us, the total investment is $1,681,500.


About future

We have a digital prototype that is undergoing multiple rounds of usability testings. And we are going to partner with other colleges to approach more students.

If you are interested in our project, you can check our pitch or contact us.

What I Learned

I felt proud when we saw someone’s comment — “Love this project, everyone share their knowledge with each other and we will live in a better world.”;

I felt proud when Brooke Hessler ( the Director of Learning Resources in CCA ) felt so excited about Hatch;

I felt proud when we knew that we got $1,681,500 investment;

I felt proud that we helped each other to be a better person through Hatch.

Thanks to all of my team members and all the struggles, I would love to explore more about the business and design strategy in the future.

We are team Hatch and we believe we can create a better world through the sharing of knowledge!


Thank you for your time!