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Bobo is an interactive phone case that connects to your phone. It loves going to nature and meeting with friends.

Project Brief:

Lead new users to useful actions that advance the experience/narrative;

Facilitate behavior modification and result in specific emotions;

Craft a complete and consistent out-of-box experience.

Project Details

  • Project Duration: 1 month

  • Project Type: Individual work

  • Instructor: Haakon Faste

  • Approach: Primary research, ideation, UI, branding, prototypes.


The Challenge

People nowadays spend too much time indoors, which makes them feel a lack of connection with the outside world and the friends they care about.


How Might We

How might we help people stretch the boundary of their comfort zone, and make them feel more connected socially and with nature?


The Solution

Combining the physical product with the digital app, Bobo is a new way that encourages you to connect with your friends and go explore the city.


Out of Box Experience


Step 1. Onboarding

ste up.gif

Step 2. Set Up

Personalize your Bobo:

  • Choose skin color

  • Choose eyewear

  • Choose headwear

Allow access:

  • Bluetooth

  • Contacts

  • Location

  • Notification

set up3.gif

Step 3. Connect the Bobo app with the phone case/pop socket


Step 4. Enjoy the outside world


Notify popular events or meet-ups

Connect with other Bobo


Record & History:

Every time you bring your Bobo out, the system will record information for you. You can check your Bobo’s daily status and information on the app homepage.

The information includes:

  • Your Bobo’s connections

  • Your Bobo’s hobbies

  • Your Bobo’s diary

  • And its’ history — places it has been and stories it has experienced


Interactions with other Bobo

bobo 1.gif

Group 10.png

Background Research

In this world of convenience and tech-connectedness, why do some people report feeling sluggish? Research has found that around 90 percent of people spend close to 22 hours indoors, every day, without enough daylight or fresh air, which is harmful to their health and wellbeing. 

User Research

From listening to our participants, I uncovered 3 main insights:

  • Staying in their comfort zones make them feel emotionally secure.

  • People know they need to shift their attention from themselves to other things but they lack motivation and don’t want to make that effort.

  • People want to resonate with nature, people & society


Do you like to stay at home and why?

What do you usually do when you are at home?

What triggers you to go outside and why?

Do you like to go outside and what is the frequency?

persona -.001.jpeg

How Might We


Design Process


During the class, we did cheat storm together, then I formatted 48 ideas into the IDEO innovation worksheet. Among them, I gradually narrowed down into one final idea — “Bobo”, an interactive phone case that connects with a digital app.

It’s like a pet whose energy level depends on the frequency and time you are outside.


Finalize Idea - Sketches

So how does it work?

If you spend too much time indoors, Bobo might distract your attention. For example, It might yawn, feel bored, or fall asleep and snore.

If it wants to go out, it will give you recommendations such as the amusement park nearby. 

When multiple Bobos meet, they might have more interactions such as hugging each other.


Visual Identity

It took a while for me to think about what kind of feeling I wanted to give Bobo as a brand. Finally, I decided to make it more illustrative and hoped it would bring delightful experiences to people.

Style Tile

Style Tile


Wireframes & Usability Tests

After designing wireframes, I kept running usability tests to ask about what they liked, what they didn’t like, problems they found, and ideas that came out. Based on the feedback I got, I generated a clearer user flow.


Final UI


Concept model

Next Step

As interaction designers, we should consider both software and hardware. Combining both sides makes the overall user experience more comprehensive.

I would love to further develop the physical product, and keep revising the user flow of the application.

Also I would think more about partnership or sponsorship with companies such as Yelp or Meetup, to push the idea further. So that I can offer coupons for Bobo’s users.


Thank you so much for your time. I hope you enjoyed it!