About Me

Hello! I'm Claire Zhou, an interaction designer currently based in San Francisco. I am passionate about developing ideas and concepts into engaging and intuitive experiences. I also enjoy designing around people’s needs and finding the balance between business and research.

It’s through design that I’m able to use my abilities to shape a better world. I see the value of my creative skills and what I can do for my users and society at large.

I'm look for adventures in different industries such as education, IoT, social media, healthcare and so on. Background with industrial design and interaction design, I also would love to explore the intersection between physical and digital experiences.

I am a nature lover🌲,🐱🐶person, and growing👩‍🍳. I also enjoy spending time exploring art🎨.

Feel free to grab a ☕️with me or check my resume.


Process Statement

1.Understand the brief:

It’s important for me to understand the “why” behind the brief. And make sure that I understand other people’s expectations from me on the project.


  • Market research:

    In order to get a better understanding of the scale of the problem, market research helps me to understand the current market and reveal business opportunities.

  • Quantitative research: By sending out the survey, I am able to define different clusters of user types. And through this process, I can select interviewees to conduct qualitative research. Besides, it also supports my insights from primary research.

  • Qualitative research: Talking to people through customer interviews helps me build empathy for my users. Based on interviews, I generate personas, insights, mental model and experience map for understanding who me and / or my team designed for.


Forming insights into “How might we ….?” statements help to bridge the research and design. I enjoy brainstorming with people from diverse backgrounds as it always generates amazing ideas.


Start from early rough sketches, it helps to test the core use of the idea.

5.Usability testing and iterations:

Hearing feedback from people helps me step back and keep rational. I believe that good designs are made through iterations. Seeing the product grow step by step is always a satisfying process.

6.Deliverables to the team :)